is an exhibition series exploring the culture and the creative field of ASMR. It is a collaboration between ArkDes and the Design Museum.

8 April 2020 - 1 November 2020
‘WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD’ at ArkDes in Stockholm: ︎

13 May 2022 - 10 April 2023
‘WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD: The World of ASMR’ at the Design Museum in London: ︎

Following positive feedback received from exhibition-goers, who have experienced first hand in Stockholm and London the calming effects of the furniture forms and materiality, the idea has developed into a design line. Continuing our interest into the tangible experience of ASMR, ĒTER (commissioned architects for both exhibition scenographies), have developed designs for a new series of objects.

Therapeutic ASMR Objects - a mattress and a weighted blanket.

The project sets out to build durable objects imbued with calming, healing effects for learning purposes, sensory rooms (schools, kindergartens), wellbeing (spas), and healthcare (hospitals and rehabilitation centres) spaces – as well as for private use.